Two Substation Inspectors
Substation Inspections
Collect Gas Calls, Drum Logs and Other Specialized Readings
mobile maximo for water utilities
Kept a major utility's IT staff under water
Multiple Enterprise Systems
A single mobile platform
Simplified the process
mobile maximo for refineries
Refining the Process
quickly and under budget
Helping oil refineries automate their systems
Mobile Maximo anywhere mobilefirst technology
The most comprehensive Maximo support
Compatible with Maximo 7.6
DataSplice supports Maximo 6.x and up with a single application
less scary
Theme Park Inspections
Screaming Fast
compliance just became
Mobile Maximo for Power Utilities
Cutting the Utility Industry's Problems
Offline Dynamic GIS Mapping
down to size

The quickest, most configurable mobile system for Maximo. It's time to look at a comprehensive mobile platform for your enterprise.

Our Features


Fast Implementation

Connect to Maximo in just hours...configured to your organization's a fraction of the time other systems.


Device Agnostic

iOS, Android or any flavor of Windows: Use the right tool for the job.


Support for Maximo 6.x through 7.6

Configure once and done...even through upgrades


Multiple System support

More than just Maximo: GIS, HR and Purchasing systems on a single device. Use Maximo anywhere.


Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our technical support and attention to our customers.


IBM Advanced Partners

We've been developing mobile systems for Maximo since 2001


Total Control

Your system administrators are able to modify and expand the system to your organizations changing needs.


Device Support

We support desktop, laptop, smart phones, RFID readers, desktop and mobile belt bar code printers, GPS devices, Bluetooth scanners, and more.

and more...

DataSplice has been providing mobile systems for Maximo since 2001. That's longer than any other Maximo-centric mobile software provider.
DataSplice is installed by more independent Maximo system integrators than any other enterprise mobile system. Optimized for regulated inspections including Utilites, Oil and Gas, Defense, Public Works and more. See our use cases for mobile Maximo examples.
Hosting your Maximo services in the Cloud? DataSplice works seamlessly with both cloud based and onsite installations. Online or offline, you can use Maximo anywhere.