Inventory and Bar Code Solutions

Optimizing the management of inventory will deliver significant cost reduction benefits for your organization. A non-optimized inventory system costs money and time as workers search for necessary items or place orders for redundant parts. It is crucial for organizations to use the right tools to effectively manage this significant expense.

In order to streamline inventory control and maintain accurate counts, you need a reliable tool that tracks these important expenses. The DataSplice bar coding solution can be configured for your CMMS to track the inventory critical to your organization. Our solution includes easy-to-use screens for handhelds, hardware, software, implementation services, and user support that work together to provide a reliable inventory option.

The DataSplice Inventory module enables companies to incorporate bar code scanning to manage parts inventory. All inventory functions can be accomplished from a handheld terminal with an integrated bar code scanner, making the process faster and far more accurate than manual data entry.

Storeroom personnel can easily access a Pick Ticket of all items reserved for a work order, and issue parts requests quickly. Cycle counting can be done frequently and rapidly, without locking down an entire storeroom for long periods of time.

Purchase order items can also be received directly from the delivery truck. Spare parts lists and inventory search views can speed up the process of locating and collecting parts, which helps to get people out to jobs faster with the proper materials.

With the DataSplice Inventory Control Client, organizations can reduce duplicate items, and enable people to track or locate key inventory items. The search criteria can be configured to search every store room across your organization for a specific part, and then arrange it for transfer to a job location.

Common Functions and Features of the Inventory Module

DataSplice is completely configurable, by allowing you to design views and tasks to follow your organization's proven work flow. For quick implementation, we also have developed Out of the box view include the following tasks

  • Count Exceptions 
  • Cycle Count 
  • Inventory Transfer 
  • Issue of Material 
  • Issue of Reserved Material 
  • Physical Counts 
  • Purchase Order Receiving 
  • Return of Material Search Inventory 

Companies that use the DataSplice Inventory Module see a return on their investment within 12 months. Here are just some of the ways inventory control can help your business:

  • Mobile Bar Code Printing from Maximo
  • Track an accurate physical account of all items.
  • Simplify transactions for data entry - 39 keystrokes turn into 4!
  • Reduce the number of steps necessary to find and replace parts.
  • Track important parts quickly and effectively - even if they are sitting in a tool box.
  • Maintain availability of inventory space during counting cycles.
  • Tightly control inventory and reduce shrinkage rates.
  • Reduce the steps required during manual processes and gain labor hours as a result.

Inventory control using the DataSplice barcode system is truly an investment in the profitability of your business.