Dynamic Offline Mobile GIS for Utilities Vegetation Management

This video is an excerpt from a Tivoli User Community Web Cast held on August 20, 2014. Tucson Electric Power's Kasy Shug demonstrates the mobile utilities inspection software from DataSplice.

This particular use case highlights their vegetation management module, and how they complete inspections, handle additional issues found in the field utizing offline mapping from an ESRI database, as well as syncing to an EAM system, in this case, IBM Maximo.

Building Blocks of a Mobile System: The Connecting Architecture of the DataSplice Platform

DataSplice is more than just a "Mobile Solution". It is an actual platform on which many systems may be accessed or even built to view and update information remotely. This video shows how adding additional components allows IT to remain agile, while providing end users with the right tools for the job.

While DataSplice provides many out of the box components for fast integration into Maximo, its strength is in the ability to configure the system to the exact needs of the end user, whether they need inventory, GIS Maps, connections into HR systems or conditional based inspections.

DataSplice Initial Installation Video

A brief overview of the initial steps to install DataSplice Mobile Suite onto your system, and connect it to IBM Maximo. In less than fifteen minutes, the DataSplice administration client and server are up and running, and ready for configuration to your unique systems needs and mobile Maximo requirements.