Core Product: DataSplice Administration Client


  • Centralized Configuration - All configuration tasks may be performed through the Administration Client. These settings are then automatically pushed out to all Web and Remote Clients over the network, creating seamless maintenance for all devices, regardless of operating system.
  • Network Administration - The Administration Client allows you to connect and manage server operations from any location on your network.
  • Fine-grained Permissions Control - Administration tasks can be broken down by groups to allow or restrict different users from performing certain tasks. This feature allows delegation of tasks without the concern that key portions of data may become corrupted.

User Interface Configuration

The DataSplice Administration Client provides a tool for administrators to configure end users screens so that users can be presented views of the database on a "need to know" basis. Administrators have the ability to configure views of any table or field in an EAM utilizing DataSplice.

Knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL) is all that is required to create and modify DataSplice views: No knowledge of Java or compiling required.
Permissions for views, down to the field level, can be defined for different groups and users within the organization.

The Administration Client provides the ability to:

  • Create views displaying information from multiple data sources.
  • Limit accessible records on a per-user or group basis.
  • Define how fields are displayed and manipulated.
  • Control field validation, including value lists of dynamic relational data.
  • Define view relationships to control client navigation.
  • Modify all configurations from a single application

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