Privacy Policy: DataSplice Client
DataSplice Client is a mobile application that connects to DataSplice servers.  The application receives client settings and configuration from connected DataSplice servers in order to give users a customized experience based on their use-case.

How information is collected.

DataSplice Client application is capable of transmitting user information and sensitive data to connected DataSplice servers.  DataSplice Client is also capable of transmitting sensitive data to additional servers and services defined in the client configuration provided by the connected DataSplice server.

  • DataSplice LLC does not collect any user information through the sole use of the DataSplice Client application
  • DataSplice LLC may collect sensitive data when the user chooses to connect the DataSplice Client to a server operated by DataSplice LLC.  Data transmitted to DataSplice LLC operated servers is subject to the general privacy policy located at
  • When the user connects the DataSplice Client application to a server not operated by DataSplice LLC, they are subject to the privacy policy of that server owner.

Information that can be collected.
DataSplice Client can be used to collect:

  • Authentication details
  • Camera and Microphone data
  • Location data such as GPS coordinates of the device
  • Files from the device that the user chooses to upload
  • Data entered by the user that may be sensitive to businesses.

Information Security.
DataSplice Client has the ability to transmit data using secure HTTPS protocol.  DataSplice server owners are responsible for enabling HTTPS using trusted certificates on the DataSplice server.  Users of the DataSplice Client application are responsible for verifying HTTPS protocol is being used when connecting to DataSplice servers.

Privacy Policy Changes.
DataSplice LLC may choose to change this Privacy Policy at any time for any reason.  Users are asked to review this privacy policy frequently for changes.  Continued use of the DataSplice Client application after changes in this policy will constitute acceptance of changes in the policy.

rev 13FEB17