Enhancements: DataSplice Modules

Fast Maximo Integration

DataSplice allows access to multiple databases and platforms by performing the business rules needed to integrate into the master application from a single interface. This enables employees to track and update critical resources and manage data in the field directly from a mobile device or PC.

Instead of creating DataSplice configurations from scratch, many pre-configured mobile Maximo work flows are available to perform specific actions. These provide a useful starting point using proven work processes that can quickly be tailored to the client's specific needs.

Modules include several options. Some of our most popular out of the box functionality includes:
 Inventory,  Work Order, Asset and Inspections Management.

Inventory Module

Some of the standard functionality includes:

  • Search on several criteria for records
  • Current balance adjustments
  • Physical counts
  • ABC counts
  • Reconcile current balance
  • Issue items
  • Return items to inventory
  • Transfer an item
  • Perform purchase order receiving
  • Issue reserved material
  • Issue, transfer and return rotating spares
  • Issue and return tools


Work Order Module

Some of the standard functionality includes:

  • Change the status of work order
  • View the work order long description
  • Create new work orders
  • Create follow-up/child work orders for an existing work order
  • Reassign work orders to another individual
  • Display work order tasks
  • View equipment/location work history
  • Perform labor reporting
  • Create labor entries for multiple labor codes
  • View and issue material for a work order
  • Track labor planned for an existing work order.
  • Display materials planned for an existing work order.
  • View safety plan, hazards and precautions.
  • View lock out/tag out procedures.


Asset and Inspections Module;

Some of the standard functionality includes:

  • View equipment long description
  • Enter meter readings and measurements
  • View historical measurement readings
  • View and edit equipment specifications (asset attribute values).
  • View spare part items
  • Add a piece of equipment
  • Modify name plate information (serial number, manufacturer, etc.)
  • Transfer a piece of equipment from one location to another

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