Core Product: DataSplice Server

The DataSplice Server performs most of the "heavy-lifting" for the application suite. This include managing and storing the mobile solution configuration, brokering database queries from remote clients to the correct data source, constructing offline sets of data for individual users, and much more.


Provide Mobile Access to Multiple Data Sources

The DataSplice Server is capable of connecting to all your information systems - simultaneously! This means it can be used to serve mobile applications for your financials in Oracle, your maintenance data in SQL Server, along with homegrown systems in FoxPro or Microsoft Access. DataSplice can even be used to integrate this information for users in the field without expensive data migration projects to standardize on a single platform.

Centralized Configuration

Because the DataSplice Server handles all direct communications with external databases, individual devices do not need any data-access software installed or configured. This simple approach simplifies software installation and network configuration.

Simplified Networking

All DataSplice communications run over a single TCP port, making it easy to configure firewalls and gateways to handle the service. This also makes it very easy to run DataSplice over secure channels such as VPNs.

In addition the DataSplice Server maintains all database connections and the individual clients never connect directly to a database. This means that the networks for any DataSplice client devices can be isolated from database resources to provide additional security.

The Server is part of the DataSplice Core Platform, a toolset that integrates enterprise data systems and mobile handhelds. It connects to relational databases and downloads the necessary data to mobile devices. It also allows changes to the data in the handheld to be pushed back to the various databases. Most importantly, DataSplice includes development tools to customize the included modules or create new applications. The Core Platform includes the DataSplice Server, DataSplice Administration Client, and DataSplice Remote Client.

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