Inspections built with DataSplice Forms

Inspections with DataSplice Forms

Perform Industry Specific Inspections with DataSplice Forms

DataSplice Inspection Tools, built on our Forms framework is a complete dynamic data collection system, perfect for condition-based tasks, such as inspections. This full-featured solution, which may be used with or without your existing EAM, may be configured to meet regulatory, compliance, and operational requirements through a form-building toolset. Collecting the data you need to report compliance can be accomplished more effectively with this solution from DataSplice, which runs on tablets, desktops and handhelds.

Industry-specific use cases include utilities (such as generation, transmission and distribution), energy (upstream, midstream and downstream), airports (139 inspections and facilities), as well as other dedicated solutions.

In today's regulatory environment, organizations must manage and report on the complexity of continually improving asset reliability. Whether you need to make changes to your NERC compliance program or other regulatory systems, our Inspection Toolset can assist gathering the information needed for internal and external audit processes.

Our solution utilizes templates to provide the tools needed to gather required data. Field collection of this data allows organizations to access, analyze, and act on potential problems before they become an issue, or worse, a violation. The inspection plans can be managed by non-IT personnel. Organizations can use provided checklists and forms and add or modify additional criteria for their particular inspection type.

The collection of the appropriate data can be better managed by providing a "user-friendly" handheld, laptop, or tablet for field personnel to utilize, and enable the synchronization of data directly into an existing EAM, or may run as a stand-alone product, maintaining data in a separate database.

  • Supports your organization's condition-based maintenance programs.
  • Assists inspectors with procedural guidelines and appropriate actions to support field data collection practices.
  • Provides oversight tools for reviewing work accomplished, out of bounds conditions, and alarms.
  • Delivers accountability and traceability to dates, times, locations, people and affected assets.
  • Offers inspection templates, alarm notification, take action criteria, and reports that are easily configured to meet each organization's unique requirements.
  • Enables follow-up work orders to be initiated by field personnel.
  • Provides real-time data collection for improved asset trending and reliability.
  • Offers templates compatible with Maximo, with associations to Maximo work orders and job plans.
  • Runs on tablets, handhelds, laptops, and desktops in iOS, Android, and Windows, all configured from a single system (featuring our "design once and done" administration client).
  • And due to its enterprise nature, operates on the same server and application environment as other DataSplice solutions, such as work order, inventory and asset modules.

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