DataSplice Mapping for GIS and Maximo

GIS Offline Mapping for Maximo

DataSplice has the ability to incorporate interactive dynamic offline mapping into your business processes. DataSplice maps are designed from the ground up to work fully in offline mode. Using modern HTML5 mapping techniques, DataSplice allows your users to interact with millions of GIS features out in the field in remote areas where reliable connectivity is simply not an option.

  • Allows the DataSplice Server to read data from an ESRI GIS Server and store it on the DataSplice server (and on the client devices) as DataSplice views containing GeoJSON
  • Allows the DataSplice HTML5 client to display an interactive map based on the GeoJSON provided by the ESRI Data Source Plugin
  • Embeds an Intergraph map within the DataSplice HTML5 client

Video: Dynamic Offline Mapping 

We've provided a video which showcases the features of the DataSplice GIS Mapping capabilities

Your field user can’t stop working when their phone warns of "no service," and the mapping system becomes unavailable.

That is, unless you're using DataSplice, which provides the ability to access dynamic offline mapping, and see them to your device. Event when your team can’t get a signal. 

Available on all systems including iOS, Android and Windows, DataSplice provides the most comprehensive GIS Offline Mapping system that integrates with Maximo available. 

To schedule a demonstration, please call 1-800-377-1974, ext 1302, or contact us.