Recommended Hardware

DataSplice tests all hardware options we recommend to ensure it supports our software. DataSplice supports Windows Mobile, Windows, iOS and Android devices, which are configured from a single client.  

Using our knowledge of devices, we are able to utilize the inherent features and functionality of the hardware. Our vendor relationships provide us with the latest development software to take full advantage of the device features. Programmable function keys, specific scanning functionality, and optimal storage options are just a few examples. Ask our hardware specialists about the right hardware for your particular needs.

A few hardware options:

Rugged Tablets

Device Manufacturer Operating System
 F5M  Motion Computing  Windows 7/8.1/10
 CL920  Motion Computing  Windows 7/8.1/10
 Latitude 12  Dell  Windows 7/10

Rugged Handhelds

Device Manufacturer Operating System
 MC55 Zebra (fka Motorola) Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic
 MC3200 Zebra (fka Motorola) Windows Embedded 7/Android
 CN51 Intermec Windows Embedded 6.5/Android
 CN70/CN70e Intermec Windows Embedded 6.5

Consumer Devices


 Device Manufacturer Operating System
 iPad Air/Mini Tablet  Apple  iOS
 iPhone  Apple  iOS
 Pixel C  Google  Android
 Galaxy Tab S3  Samsung  Android
 Surface Pro 4  Microsoft  Windows 10

Add On Devices


Device Manufacturer Operating System
 iPhone/iPod Mini Scanner Sled  Honeywell  For use with certain iOS devices
 KDC200iM Bluetooth Scanner  Koamtac  For use with Bluetooth capable devices