Mobile for Maximo.

Enterprise level functionality: Up and running quickly and efficiently with pre-configured use cases.

Mobile for Maximo

The DataSplice Mobile for Maximo system is the most comprehensive mobile solution available for Maximo, the premier enterprise asset management solution from IBM.

Access Maximo anywhere, on any device.

Out of the box, DataSplice provides seamless integration with Maximo modules like Inventory, Work Orders, Assets, Inspections, Purchasing, and Self Service. With its mobile-first design, DataSplice puts the power of Maximo at the user's fingertips in an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Enhance Maximo with device capabilities.

Scan barcodes for inventory tasks. Access GPS coordinates for work management. Capture and markup images as attachments. DataSplice empowers users with access to device features that help them focus on the details of their tasks rather than the data collection process. Device agnostic, DataSplice will support whatever tool is right for the job, whether its based on iOS, Android, or Windows.

Change your mobile app, not your workflow.

Undoubtedly, your organization has proven workflows established over years of execution and refinement, so the last thing you need is an app that requires adjustment of those processes. DataSplice is highly flexible, so the app conforms to your Maximo workflows instead of the other way around. Should new regulations force a change, you only need to configure the server once to have all attached clients replicate your updates.

Leverage Maximo roles and security groups to provide a focused workspace.

The integration that Mobile for Maximo provides enables access to established Maximo roles and groups. DataSplice can tailor the user experience based on the current user's Maximo designation. Consequently, technicians that log in to DataSplice may only see their assigned tasks while supervisors can view and assign all work orders. If a worker changes roles, DataSplice will automatically adjust once you configure the change in Maximo.

Any Maximo, any operating system, any use case.

Whether you need an i-safe device for Oil and Gas, or an iPad for facilities, DataSplice has you covered. Access your Maximo anywhere and interact with data while online or offline. Call us today to finally maximize the return on your Maximo investment.

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