Mobile for Maximo.

Enterprise level functionality: Up and running quickly and efficiently with pre-configured use cases.

Mobile for Maximo

You already like Maximo. Now you'll love it.

DataSplice's Mobile for Maximo system is the most comprehensive in the EAM world. Inventory, Work Management, Assets and Inspections are all available in one system, one license, and managed by one administration client, regardless of your version of Maximo, or the end user's choice of device. Access your Maximo anywhere.

Major organizations have complex needs:  Barcoding for inventory, mapping for work management, accountability for inspections. As the needs change, so do the types of devices required. DataSplice supports the right tool for the job, whether that is iOS, Android, and/or Windows. There is no need to choose different systems.

Using our administration client, your mobile Maximo needs can be configured and distributed to each device, based on the end user's needs. DataSplice provides preconfigured systems to use out of the box. The included administration client can further tailor the system to an organization's specific needs.

Most importantly, we understand that the success of any mobile application lies in its ability to integrate with your existing business and work processes. Don't change your proven workflow. Configure DataSplice to your unique task steps. All DataSplice solutions can easily be modified to your expectations, ensuring user acceptance. The examples below show that DataSplice is the most flexible tool available for creating solutions that are guaranteed to succeed.

The Flexibility to Work the Way You Want: Online -or- Offline!

Easily Configured to Precisely Meet Your Work Processes

DataSplice can quickly and easily be configured to provide the end-user functionality required to support your best practice asset management processes. The standard off-the-shelf DataSplice interface provides the simplest data entry process possible.

Remote Users Only See the Data They Need

The utilization of attributes and view criteria enable the DataSplice administrator to easily define the specific subsets of data available for each user, based on your exact work assignments.

Open Hardware Support

DataSplice users can reliably access their data from different connectivity environments; online, offline, cradle synchronization, wireless LAN and WAN. DataSplice is compatible with all modern Windows® operating systems. Our web client is designed to display properly on any screen size, from phones and handhelds to tablets and desktop monitors.

Advanced Functionality

Business Rule Configuration

DataSplice also features flexible business rule emulation, via the off-the-shelf application packages. Our Mobile for Maximo software implementation system has a small footprint. No tables or triggers are added to the database. 

Access Information From Multiple Sources

DataSplice can access other enterprise software systems in addition to the Maximo software application from the same mobile device handheld client.

Barcode Scanning and Printing Support

The DataSplice Web Client has been designed to work with most available handheld scanning systems, making data input easier and more reliable for mobile users.
Bar Code Printing from Maximo: DataSplice users also can print barcode labels on a networked printer directly from their mobile device.

Total Cost of Ownership

Simple Licensing

Utilization of concurrent use licenses greatly reduces licensing cost in facilities with wireless LANs and where multiple shifts are deployed.

Rapid Implementation

DataSplice solutions are specifically designed to help you implement mobile applications quickly and efficiently to get your staff mobile. The DataSplice Administration Client enables simple and effective implementation of mobile for Maximo solutions. No advanced programming skills are required to administrate DataSplice and administrators do not need to rewrite scripts or code to make changes or enhancements.


Any Use Case, Any OS, Any Maximo

Whether you need an i-safe device for Oil and Gas, or an iPad for facilities, DataSplice offers support for a range of devices and operating systems, such as iOS (iPad/iPhone), Android and Windows (including Windows Mobile, and Windows 7 and 8 for your laptop, desktop or tablet) as well as a full range of peripherals including mobile scanners, RFID readers, printers and more, allowing you to take your Maximo anywhere. DataSplice provides full support for your enterprise needs.

View our feature rich OS and device matrix and see easy it is to add Mobile for Maximo, anywhere.