Your maintenance, repair and operations staff are mobile...

...why isn't your Maximo system?

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Until now, the costs associated with real time EAM and mobile Maximo systems were prohibitive for many organizations. Whether it was the initial high cost of the application, investment of the IT department's time, or the coordination of multiple technologies, many organizations have been unable to rationalize the switch from a desktop or paper based system.

Finally, organizations can more easily make the leap to mobilize their Maximo system quickly. The DataSplice MobilEze® package has been created to provide a turn key option for software, hardware and installation support, providing a complete system for field service workers.

A turnkey system, configured to your exact work management requirements:

  • Mobile software, including:
    • Work Order
    • Inventory
    • Asset Management and Inspections
  • Handheld, tablet, phone, laptop and peripheral devices such as bar code printers
  • Comprehensive implementation, service and training plans


DataSplice, the premier name in EAM mobile systems since 2001, is pleased to offer MobilEze, a turnkey field service system, designed to quickly access Maximo® by IBM®.

Our highly configurable software, along with hardware and support, makes mobilizing maintenance easy and affordable.

Go Mobile with the Best!MobilEze for Mobile Maximo

DataSplice provides a complete mobile Maximo package, MobilEze, which allows your end users to concentrate on maintenance and operations, and takes the load off of your IT department.
The DataSplice Core Platform is a tool that integrates enterprise data systems and mobile devices. It connects to relational databases and downloads the necessary data to each device. It also allows changes to the data in the device to be pushed back to the various systems.