DataSplice Helps This Utility Company Manage Their Warehouse

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) provides safe drinking water for almost one million customers. They are responsible for the storage, quality control and distribution of water. They also manage wastewater and are responsible for maintaining, repairing and replacing parts for over 1,000 miles of sewer pipelines, four treatment plants, 21 pump stations and over 300,000 assets.DataSplice provides mobile Inventory Tool Tracking for Maximo

One of the goals was to establish accurate inventory levels to ensure that spare parts were always available for critical assets. By doing this, SFPUC hoped to decrease unplanned downtime 5% to 7% and increase crew wrench time 12% to 15%. They believed a solid warehouse inventory spare parts program utilizing a mobile solution would minimize asset lifecycle costs and reduce unplanned critical asset downtime.


The key components to achieving their goal included designing an application that would accomplish the following:

  • Provide access to available spare parts
  • Reveal accurate counts to support preventive and corrective maintenance work in the field
  • Increase staff confidence that inventory counts were accurate
  • Optimize planning and scheduling of corrective maintenance and critical work
  • Easily identify spare parts during an emergency response
  • Run on any mobile device or desktop
  • Work reliably with Wi-Fi access
  • Provide information security
  • Support business processes
  • Be easy to install, configure and administer
  • Integrate with multiple databases
  • Support flexible licensing


Before installing DataSplice, SFPUC used the old-school method of documenting inventory: pencil and paper. This old-school process required no less than 11 steps. After working with DataSplice, they decreased the process to four. SFPUC increased productivity, improved their business process, increased data accuracy, streamlined operations and maximized their value of IBM Maximo® enterprise asset management software.


Productivity and Accuracy Increased. DataSplice is saving SFPUC almost half of what they used to spend for common transactions such as warehouse issuing, receiving, conducting cycle counts and correcting discrepancies.

Additional benefits include:

  • Quick data input makes DataSplice easy to use in the warehouse thanks to wireless scanning capabilities.
  • Tracking cost of consumables is more accurate.
  • Time is saved (manual vs. mobile).
  • It is easier to find parts: Using the DataSplice search feature by description quickly reveals the bin number and warehouse location.
  • Emergency management situations are expedited.
  • Barcode scanning capabilities help keep accurate data and diminish errors.

Planning and Scheduling Improved. Using DataSplice to track tool room inventory provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Knowing where tools are at all times and knowing when they are due for return
  • Providing better planning for corrective maintenance and preventative maintenance requiring specific tools (like calibration and safety equipment)
  • Ensuring critical tools are available to schedule critical work
  • Aiding in planning and scheduling

Receiving Streamlined. Using DataSplice, SFPUC has streamlined their process for receiving purchase orders. With the mobile device, staff are free to move outside the warehouse to receive items. As they receive items, they can fully inspect them and update the data at the point of entry. Rather than entering purchase order numbers manually, they easily scan them, which saves time and increases accuracy.

Cycle Counts Improved. With DataSplice, SFPUC has dramatically increased their cycle count accuracy. SFPUC conducts cycle counts to ensure the accuracy of their inventory. They also track inventory usage to ensure its availability, which is particularly important for critical items needed for critical work, or for emergency situations. Cycle counts validate the on-hand availability of spare parts and ensures that SFPUC is never out of an item. With DataSplice, a cycle count is conducted quickly with a handheld mobile device, a scanner, and barcodes.

In the past, SFPUC often found inventory discrepancies in their manual process. The reasons for these discrepancies included: unenforced inventory practices, tools and test equipment not included in the inventory process, items missing labels, mislabelled items, no storage area field designated in Maximo and mistakes in issuing out and/or receiving items. With DataSplice, fixing cycle count discrepancies is quick and easy; within a short time, SFPUC increased their report reliability.


SFPUC now has a reliable warehouse inventory spare parts program. They’ve decreased unplanned downtime by 5% and increased wrench time by 12%. They have increased their staff’s trust that what they need will be available when they need it. With DataSplice, they have minimized asset lifecycle costs and reduced unplanned critical asset downtime.


  • Use Case Type: Inventory
  • Integrated Systems: Maximo
  • Implementation Team: DataSplice
  • Deployment Type: On-premise