DataSplice Hires New Product Development Specialist

Alicia Armstrong joins the DataSplice team

FORT COLLINS, CO - August 16, 2018 - DataSplice, LLC ( hired Alicia Armstrong on July 30, 2018 as their new Program Development Specialist.

DataSplice, LLC, a software company focused on creating mobile computing solutions that integrate with IBM Maximo and other enterprise asset management systems, hired Alicia to manage and optimize DataSplice’s RFP process, as well as seek new opportunities.  Alicia has extensive insight into Maximo functionality and the overall Maximo environment.

“We're excited to have Alicia join our program/product development team as a Program Development Specialist,” says Scott Kunze, DataSplice’s president. “Developing industry solutions that align our programs more effectively with our client's needs is of high importance to DataSplice as we continually explore better ways to serve our customers.”

Alicia has worked with Maximo for over 20 years and is bringing her deep Maximo knowledge to her role at DataSplice. Most recently, Alicia was an IBM Maximo Pre-Sales Technical RFP Manager for just over 12 years. She is also IBM Maximo Top Gun Certified. Before IBM, she started at psdi/MRO Software, where she was involved in order processing and developing sales leads.

Alicia lives in Keeseville, New York, where she and her husband own a bed and breakfast/hotel.

About DataSplice, LLC
DataSplice, LLC is a software company located in Fort Collins, CO. DataSplice is a platform that connects to multiple databases, streamlines data, and provides views on multiple devices. DataSplice specializes in mobile computing systems that integrate with enterprise asset management systems, including IBM Maximo.


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