DataSplice is Hiring

DataSplice is looking for intelligent, eager developers to join our Fort Collins based team of HTML5 application developers. We feel that the mobile experience is a core component for improving efficiency, quality, accuracy and business analysis in a variety of industries including utilities, oil & gas, aerospace, defense, education, entertainment and manufacturing.

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We hire smart, determined folks and prize ability over experience for our software company.

Located in historic Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado, DataSplice, LLC specializes in mobile computing systems that integrate with enterprise solutions such as IBM Maximo. Our customers cover a wide spectrum of industries from public utilities, to manufacturing companies, to oil refineries. We have been implementing mobile computing solutions, software, and services for Fortune 500 organizations and government agencies since 2001.

DataSplice knows that people looking for a lifestyle, not just a career are the foundation of our company. So, we strive to hire folks that are self-motivated, intelligent and dedicated. We have an open culture that has been sometimes referred to as a holarchy. All doors are open, and conversations and ideas shared through our daily interactions have been the inspiration for new products, better customer service, and a comfortable work environment. Situated in the Rocky Mountains, we are an energetic group who enjoy the outdoors, loves to ride bikes, and provide a steady supply of locally roasted coffee.

Creative thinking, and exploration is key to keeping a company strong, and employees happy.

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