DataSplice Technical Support

DataSplice prides itself with the best technical support in the mobile Maximo world. Our group works together with developers to ensure they are able to solve your problems quickly.

Technical support for DataSplice is available online, via email and by calling our support line.

You may use one of the following methods to contact DataSplice for technical assistance:

   DataSplice Logo for Technical Support page     

DataSplice Documentation

You may also wish to visit the technical documentation site. Here, we've collected the most common questions into a concise documentation site

DataSplice Training

If you are looking for ways to expand your knowledge of your DataSplice system, consider taking an Administration Training Class.

Help us help you:

To expedite a solution to your inquiry, please provide the following information to the best of your ability when contacting DataSplice for technical assistance. This information helps us isolate the cause of the problem.

Hardware & Software Specifications

  • DataSplice version
  • Operating system
  • Database platform and version
  • CMMS platform and version (if applicable)

Error Details

  • What is the exact error message that you are receiving?
  • On what screen or view are you receiving this error message?
  • What steps or actions lead up to this error?
  • Is this error or problem occurring on a consistent basis, or sporadically? If it is occurring consistently, please provide the time interval.

File Attachments

  • If the problem is related to a specific view, please attach the xml file for the view (from the View folder).
  • If you know the precise time the error took place, please attach the DataSplice Server log file for that time period (from the Logs folder).
  • Screenshots: If available, send any error screens with your request.