Administration Configuration Training - Basics

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Implementing an enterprise level mobile system for IBM Maximo may sound daunting.

  • Some systems are too complicated, requiring expensive customization
  • Some are too simple and do not meet the needs of the whole organization
  • Some are just too difficult to administrate

DataSplice understands your concerns. We've been implementing enterprise level mobile systems for IBM Maximo since 2001. We have the most streamlined integration and configuration system in the industry. Realize your ROI in weeks, not months or years.

Our system is built for Enterprise Level Organizations. DataSplice provides systems for Inventory, Work Management, Assets, and Inspections. And, unlike some systems, DataSplice is compatible with almost any device. One system, with one point of administration, is all you need to provide mobile connectivity for your entire organization's Maximo installation.

This is a technical level course for users that are comfortable writing SQL statements and administering IBM Maximo

Course Focus

  • Install the DataSplice Mobile Enterprise Suite for Maximo
  • Develop a mobile computing solution for an organization
  • Design and implement configurations for users, groups, views and navigation (workflow)
  • Design and configure DataSplice to handle specific business processes and rules
  • Visit the Course Topics Page for a syllabus and additional information 


Participants should have the following:

  • Basic understanding of administrating IBM Maximo
  • Working knowledge of creating and editing Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Basic understanding of SQL and how stored procedures operate
  • Understanding of enterprise asset management systems and associated workflows

NOTE: Participants will need to bring a WiFi enabled laptop with administrative access

Your laptop should have the following installed:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10

Participants will learn how to install DataSplice on their laptops.

IMPORTANT! The ability to install software on your laptop is required

Class Objectives

  • To understand what DataSplice is, how it is built, and what it can do
  • Learn about the underlying DataSplice architecture and technology
  • Complete an advanced Admin User training; including basic operation, advanced concepts for navigation, and MasterApp Add-on modules
  • Discuss the DataSplice MAXIMO Add-On package
  • To understand DataSplice Plug-In(s)
  • Learn how to install DataSplice on a local system
  • Discuss tools that are useful for implementing a DataSplice solution

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