Higher Ed: Dorm Room Inspections

Project Description

Going to School on Dorm Rooms: A study on inspections and work orders

Part of keeping costs down is increasing efficiency, and colleges are learning that using DataSplice to examine dorm rooms and their assets with bar codes has reduced both inspection times, and new work orders.  Facilities now capture photos before and after dorm room move in, which documents damages, as well as permit on the spot work order creation.  One organization found inspection times reduced by 75%, and follow up work orders decreased by 29%

Project Specifications:

  1. Use Case Type: Dorm Room Inspections
  2. Systems Integrated with: Maximo
  3. Mobile Software Configuration Type : Inspections (COTS), Work Orders (COTS)
  4. Device Hardware Deployed: Motion Computing f5T
  5. Implementation Team: DataSplice, Client Internal Staff
  6. Deployment Type: On-premise
  • Industry:

    • Facilities
    • Higher Education