Oil and Gas: Inspections

Project Description

The “Plains” Truth of Offline Inspections and Condition Monitoring

Inspecting a pumpjack can entail over 80 measurement points per unit. Those great grasshoppers on the plains not often near a cell tower, so all of those points were historically placed on paper, then placed into Maximo and a secondary condition monitoring system well after the fact. DataSplice has developed a system which allows all of that information to be collected in a single application, and uploaded as soon as connectivity is regained. Also, inspectors now have the option of creating corrective work orders in the field, speeding up the repair processes, resulting in a reduction of inspection frequency by 10%.

Project Specifications:

  1. Use Case Type: Pumpjack Inspections, Corrective Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Work Orders, Asset Audit
  2. Systems Integrated with: Maximo, Custom Condition Monitoring system
  3. Mobile Software Configuration Type :  Inspections and Work Orders(COTS)
  4. Device Hardware Deployed: Intermec I-Safe Windows Mobile Handhelds
  5. Implementation Team: DataSplice
  6. Deployment Type: On-premise
  • Industry:

    • Oil and Gas