Oil and Gas: Inventory

Project Description

Fixing the Inventory Leak: Pipeline organizations count on lower shrinkage

Leaking is never a good word in Oil and Gas circles. If items are incorrectly issued, or counted, the leak can reflect on the bottom line. Accurate inventory supports a reliable Maintenance Program, and leaks or shrinkage in the accuracy of the inventory can jeopardize that program.  Adding an easy to use mobile system including bar coding for an oil and gas concern increased the ability to guarantee repairs were completed quickly. By speeding up counts, an ROI was realized in 7 months. And that was before plugging an assumed inventory shrinkage rate of 14%

Project Specifications:

  1. Use Case Type: Pipeline Inventory
  2. Systems Integrated with: Maximo
  3. Mobile Software Configuration Type : Inventory
  4. Implementation Team: DataSplice, Ontracks
  5. Deployment Type: On-premise
  • Industry:

    • Oil and Gas