Refinery: Inventory

Project Description

Refining the process:
Helping refineries automate their systems quickly and under budget.

Under pressure to increase accuracy without increasing man hours, a refinery implemented DataSplice into their Maximo inventory process. Instead of entering and counting the items directly into Maximo, warehouse staff now uses DataSplice. The crew eagerly accepted the easy to use interface, which eliminated multiple screens and reduced data entry.

The IT staff was amazed at the extremely fast implementation: completed in just a week, and coming in at 50% of their budget. “This frees up many hours for our personnel to focus on inventory accuracy that used to be used for data entry. We are very happy with the solution and wish we would  have done it sooner. The interface to Maximo is seamless, easy to setup, and easy to tweak if changes are made.”


 Project Specifications:

  1. Use Case Type: Refinery Inventory
  2. Systems Integrated with: Maximo
  3. Mobile Software Configuration Type : Inventory (COTS)
  4. Device Hardware Deployed: Intermec CK71 (Windows Mobile)
  5. Implementation Team: DataSplice
  6. Deployment Type: On-premise
  • Industry:

    • Oil and Gas
    • Refinery