Water Utility: Multi-System Access

Project Description

Multiple Systems Kept a Major Utility’s Team under Water

When your team has to keep logging in and out of different systems, they may not always enter the information in a timely manner. A major water utility was noticing that information was being posted after the work day in batches, instead of as the labor was occurring. Multiple hours of productivity were lost to end of the day recording. Their IT staff used the DataSplice platform to tie multiple systems together into a single application. The users now enter all information in a single app as they perform the work, and the information is passed directly to Maximo, as well as scheduling, purchasing and HR systems. Result: A Streamlined system with timely reporting, visibility and enhanced situational awareness.  

Project Specifications:

  1. Use Case Type: Water Utility Inspections, Meter Reading Corrective Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Work Orders, Labor Reporting, Planning and Scheduling
  2. System Integration: Maximo, WorkTech Time, Solufy Akwire
  3. Mobile Software Configuration Type: Inspections and Work Orders (COTS)
  4.  Device Hardware Deployed: Psion Workabout Pro 3
  5. Implementation Team: DataSplice, Client Internal Staff
  6. Deployment Type: On-premise,
  • Industry:

    • Utilities
    • Water