Core Product: DataSplice Web Client

One System, Many Options

DataSplice supports any device (iOS/iPad, Android, Windows/Windows Mobile) for Maximo, online or offline.

We offer a web based client or app: your choice. Which ever your end users choose, administrators configure from a single application. No need to create different profiles for different applications or operating systems.

Whether you need an i-safe device for Oil and Gas, or an iPad for facilities, DataSplice offers support for a range of devices and operating systems, such as iOS (iPad/iPhone), Android and Windows (including Windows Mobile, and Windows 7 and 8 for your laptop, desktop or tablet) as well as a full range of peripherals including mobile scanners, RFID readers, printers and more, allowing you to take your Maximo anywhere. DataSplice provides full support for you enterprise needs.

For information regarding DataSplice's full range of offerings for IBM Maximo, including support for iPad and Android, please contact us or call 800-377-1974 ext. 1732

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